Helms Performance in Center City, Philadelphia 19103 offers a range of services including medical massage, sports massage therapy, and personal training to take you from rehab to sport.

Medical Massage

Medical massage is a type of massage therapy intended to decrease muscular pain, restore proper joint function, and improve quality of life. Increasingly, conservative treatment methods such as medical massage are being implemented over surgical procedures for people with muscular injuries or postural alignment issues causing pain. Learn more about medical massage and the methods used.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage consists of manipulation of soft tissues of the body, and focuses on areas that are specific to the athlete’s sport/activity. At the start of each session, the athlete is first assessed and tells the therapist what to work on to determine which part of the body needs treated. Learn more about sports massage therapy.

Personal Training

Personal training training should be intended to give you one thing: results. Whether it’s weight loss, increasing strength, gaining muscle mass, or decreasing your chance of injury, with a consistent, well designed training program and a great coach your fitness goals are achievable. Learn more about personal training.