Online Personal Training

Being able to walk into the gym with a clear workout plan is the key to a successful, consistent training regimen. I make this possible by providing my online personal training clients with the accountability, knowledge, and regimen necessary to succeed in their fitness training. Here’s some of the most popular training goals:

  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Strength development
  • General fitness
  • Sports performance

Once you’ve emailed me your completed intake packet and chosen your program rate option, I will design and send you your program using coaching software, True Coach, to monitor your program. During your program I will be checking on your progress every week, assessing weekly videos you send me of your working sets, answering questions you have via email within 24 hours, and giving you access to my custom video library.

Online Personal Training Features


Weekly review of your program with adjustments and workout tracking to ensure you stay on track and accountable.

Video Feedback & Analysis

Video reviews of your lifts and feedback at the start of your program and every week during the program.

Unlimited Email Access

Prompt email response within 24 hours during the work week

Video Library

Access to exercise video library during the program to never wonder about workout technique.

Online Personal Training Rates

1 Month Program: $180

6 Month Program: $165/month

12 Month Program: $150/month

Billing for 6 Month and 12 Month Plans are monthly. Please give 15 days notice of your intention to change or cancel plans.