Injury Prevention

Preventing injuries while training intensely requires a  great degree of foresight and experience. The injury prevention programs below are designed to reduce the impact of the most common significant injuries athletes in each category face. Injury prevention programs not only include stretches, lacrosse ball releases, and corrective exercise drills, but also basic strength training exercises that build a resilient, capable athlete.

Each program is roughly 12 weeks longs and is divided into phases lasting 2-3 weeks. Each phase builds upon the one before it. There are no shortcuts to a pain free, healthy body. If a phase is skipped, the entire program is compromised. In addition to the program itself, videos and exercise descriptions are provided to detail exactly what is expected.

Aerials Injury Prevention (Coming Soon!)

Rowing Injury Prevention (Coming Soon!)

Olympic Weightlifting Injury Prevention (Coming Soon!)

Low Back Injury Prevention (Coming Soon!)

Neck and Shoulder Injury Prevention (Coming Soon!)