Virtual Ergonomic Consultations

Office overuse injuries are the top reason for lost time at work. These injuries are responsible for billions of dollars in lost productivity. Most overuse injuries can be avoided with strategic office design choices and habits to encourage good posture and movement patterns that also feel natural.

Virtual Ergonomic Consultation

By having an ergonomics consultant assess your posture and work environment, you can have a thorough, easily implemented plan to reduce everyday aches and pain, while avoiding overuse injuries. Ergonomic consultations can also address ongoing work related injuries.

Issues addressed by Virtual Ergonomic Consultations:

  • Poor Posture
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip Pain

What to Expect During a Virtual Ergonomics Consultation

Intake Form: You’ll fill out an intake form to give to your ergonomic consultant more information to best prepare for your consultation.

Exam: Initially, you’ll discuss the challenges of your work environment and what factors are currently affecting you physically. Your ergonomic consultant will then assess your office and how you interact with it.

Plan: Your ergonomic consultant will design a custom tailored program for your unique posture and work environment with a detailed list of exercises, drills, stretches, and habits to improve your quality of life at work.

Follow Ups: 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation, a 15 minute virtual follow up will be scheduled to determine how the program is progressing and make any necessary changes.

What you’ll need for your Virtual Ergonomics Consultation: Laptop (ideal), tablet or even mobile phone (well charged, or with a charging cord, so you don’t run out of battery). A clear view of your office environment. Comfortable clothing to check your mobility.