Philadelphia's Premier Sports Massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy Provider

Paul Helms specializes in injury rehabilitation using sports massage, fascial stretch therapy, and personal training to athletes ranging from professional athletes such as pro NFL players to career aerialists to keep them performing at their best.

In addition to pro athletes, Paul treats recreational athletes ranging from high schoolers to weekend warriors to CrossFit firebreathers. By receiving the same quality of treatment as the pros, Paul’s clients move better, hurt less, and can do the sport they love without fear of injury. Located in CrossFit University City at 109 S. 24th. St, Philadelphia, PA, Paul’s office is easily reachable from anywhere in the Philadelphia


As a professional NFL athlete, I’ve seen many sports massage therapists during my career to improve my recovery and prepare myself for game day. Paul Helms, LMT of Helms Performance is an exceptional sports massage therapist committed to preparing me for the field to help me perform my best using fascial stretch therapy. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their athletic performance.
Oakland Raiders Seth Roberts
Seth Roberts
NFL Oakland Raiders, Wide Receiver
I spent the better part of the last few years of running being on and off injured. Several useless bouts of PT and "Take Advil three times a day" were really not solving the root cause. Seeing Paul has been magical. He has a unique mix of skills that gives him the ability to drill down to the core of an issue, whether it is a muscle imbalance, poor form, or an old injury. I've been coming to Helms Performance for well over a year now and I have no idea how I lived life in so much pain before that. Thanks to rehabbing with Paul, injuries are a thing of past. Thanks to strength training we've done, I dropped almost 20lb of body weight while adding a whole lot of muscle. Highly recommended, regardless of whether your goal is healing an injury or improving athletic abilities!
Sanja Popovic
Software Engineer